Never say never

I need to stop thinking so vehemently about the things I think I’ll never do.  It’s proving fruitless.

I said I would never make the move to ebooks…in February, I bought a Sony PRS-505 ereader.  I love the thing!  Don’t get me wrong…I still love my books.  I still buy books.  There’s something so wonderful about the feeling of the pages between my fingers.  However, I found that my Sony was so wonderful when I was traveling earlier this month.  I only had to carry the Sony and I had my choice of about 60 books to read.  It was quite handy as I sat in LaGuardia for 5 hours waiting for my delayed flight to actually board.

In high school and college, I said I would never like history.  My thesis for my first masters degree dealt with the Civil War.  I became so totally immersed in all kinds of history when I lived in Washington DC while doing the research for the thesis at the Library of Congress.  I’m as likely to watch a historical documentary as I am a romantic comedy on TV.

Fairly recently, I said I would never get into social networking like MySpace and Facebook.  I have accounts with both and have pretty much become addicted to Facebook.  Okay, perhaps “addicted” is a strong word.  (*cough*)  However, I do check in on Facebook every day…even on vacations.  If for no other reason, it’s to keep up with the requests! LOL  I don’t use the MySpace account as much since I don’t find it as user friendly – and MySpace hasn’t gotten me back in touch with so many friends from high school and college.

I said I would never use Twitter.  I now tweet daily.  I still don’t know why.  I don’t think what I do every day is particularly interesting.  Certainly not interesting enough to “tweet”.  Yet, I do it.  I’m not really sure of the fascination.  I haven’t figured it out.  The twitter use has not grown to the same levels as Facebook – again, twitter doesn’t have the scope that Facebook has.  But I’m truly intrigued by throwing out a quick snippet every now and then throughout the day.  While driving home during rush hour, I usually yell at other drivers to get off their cell phones and drive, dammit!  Five minutes later, I’m grabbing my phone to tweet about how crappy traffic is.  Is Twitter turning me into a hypocrite?  Shit!

Perhaps I need to check myself whenever I say “never” from now on.  My own history is proving that “never” never becomes a reality.

Damn.  I did it again.


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  1. These are probably safe in the near future:

    “I will never buy an iphone”
    “I will never eat a whole fish”
    “I will never go whitewater rafting”

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