Better than expected

Just got back from Curves. They had to do all of my measurements again to get me started on the CurvesSmart program. Here are my results after 7 workouts and my walking tour of NYC:

-0.75″ Bust (bye bye boobies)
-0.25″ Waist
-0.5″ Abdomen
-0.5″ Thighs
-1.10″ Arms
-0.20% Body Fat.

Total: -3.10″ in 3 weeks.

I’ll tell ya what…that CurvesSmart kicked my ass! Usually, members go two times around the circuit for a pretty good 30 minute work out. With CurvesSmart, members are given these little cards with all kinds of information on them – weight, measurements, BMI, Body Fat %, etc. Those little cards are then put into each machine as you go. I ended up not doing as many machines (so not a full 2 times around the circuit), but I sure did work harder at each machine.

This little card with all of my information pretty much told the machine how many reps I had to do. And it wouldn’t let me stop until I finished! Plus, there’s a light indicator that lights up – Green means your energy is high and your working out at the right level; Yellow means you need to step it up a bit; Red means your ass is dragging big time, so get moving! I managed to “go for the green” throughout most of the work out – I think I briefly hit yellow a couple of times. In the end, I burned 538 calories, hit my targets on all but 2 machines (and those were still close).

I need to work on my lower back though. That makes sense since I have 2 herniated disks (L4 and L5) and have pretty much “protected” that area pretty obsessively. Now I need to hit it harder and strengthen it!

I gained 0.4 pounds (about 6 ounces), but I think that may have been attributed to my shoes – I didn’t have shoes on the last time I was measured.

All in all, I’m pleased with these first results.


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