2009 is looking fine

Perhaps 2009 is my year.  So far, so good…I think.  This is the year that I’ve decided to stop talking about working out and losing weight.  This is the year that I’ve decided to do it!

I joined Curves for Women at the end of March and began my workouts on April 2.  So, I haven’t been doing it for long.  But the important thing is that I’m doing it.  While my mother likes to say that she can already tell that I’ve lost weight, I’m more realistic.  Perhaps I’ve lost a pound or two, but I know it’s nothing really noticable.

What’s clear to me, however, is that I’m feeling better about myself.  I seem to have more energy – even though I’m still tired from my early mornings, late nights, and busy days.  What’s most amazing to me is that I get really psyched on work out days!  I almost can’t wait for the work day to be finished so I can go work out.  I’m pretty lazy by nature, so that’s a big thing for me.  I went to NYC last weekend and was initially bummed out because I would miss my Curves visits.  Fortunately, we did so much walking, I didn’t have to worry about that.

But what was really great is that I could tell the prior 2 weeks of working out really helped me with all of that walking.  Sure my feet hurt.  Yes my calves were screaming at me for a while.  But overall, I was okay. When I got back to the work out at Curves, I expected it to be more difficult because of that walking.  But the reverse happened.  My work out was that much easier!  I like this feeling.

So the plan is to continue Curves 3 times a week for now.  I’ll eventually move to 4 times a week OR I’ll go around the circuit 3 times rather than twice.  Then on the “off” days, I’ll walk on the treadmill here at home.  I’ll take Sundays off as a day of rest. LOL

I know I need to change other habits in order to really see the difference…I’m working on that.  I’m trying to incorporate more vegetables into my eating pattern.  Eventually, I’ll quit smoking all together.  The main thing for me right now is the consistency – I need to get into the routine and stay in the routine.  Then I’ll start branching out.

For now, I’m feeling pretty good about things.  I’d like to lose 20lbs by the time I go to Orlando in July.  I won’t be a size 4, but I’ll have more confidence in me…and that will make the difference.


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